What’s in a name?

Hello, there! Being the first post, I suppose introductions are in order. Most of that is already on my About Me page. What isn’t there will become pretty evident through the course of my posts. This blog is just a peek into my life and thoughts. My goal is for it to be a holding place for all the things I want to say or write. I have never been good at keeping a journal, but since this is more directed and purposeful I hope to be more diligent. Rather than telling you the basic, boring statistics about me, I would like to explain the name for my blog.

Several months ago, a friend of mine said, “I got you something. It’s nothing big.” I love gifts. They don’t have to be pricey. They don’t even have to be nice. Some of my favorite gifts are literal junk that children have given me. There is just something touching about a person taking the time to consider you and give you an object. (Go read “The 5 Languages of Love” if you don’t get it.) So my heart was all fluttery in anticipation.

She reached down into her bag and pulled out a white box. Inside was a bracelet. It was black leather with a metal section with “It is what it is” printed on it. Perfect. She giggled and said something to the effect of how often I use that phrase. Hmmmmm. I hadn’t noticed. The next day, when I showed it to the para in my classroom, she chuckled and said, “That’s so you!”

That got me to thinking. Do I really use that phrase so often? If so, why? Then I realized, it really is my basic mantra. I have recently been made aware that I am a “control freak”, and have called “bossy” since childhood. Whatever, they are leadership qualities. While those qualities have served me well, the fact is some days no amount of determination, will power or diplomacy will change things. Sometimes, it just is what it is.

Also, I am a strong believer in honesty and self-awareness. I tend to call a spade a spade, lay all the cards on the table, whatever euphemism you choose. “It is what it is” would just be another way of facing the facts of a situation. I think many people would be vastly happier if they were honest with themselves about their lives, what they want, and what it would take to get there.

So, as I pondered a name for my blog, I went through a lot of ideas. Most of the good ones were already taken! Being a southern girl (though I am working on reducing the effects of Southern Belle Syndrome) I use a saying for everything. Sure, “It is what it is” can be a bit trite, is definitely redundant and obvious (of course it is what it is, what else would it be?!), and is usually not very comforting, it basically suits my frame of mind.

Check back for more posts, and if you don’t like them, well I bet you can figure out what my response would be!


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